Stay Work (2017)

Director: Langston Williams

Runtime: 25 min

On the eve of an election, the lives of a politician trying to reconnect with the people he once represented, two African American youth frustrated by a recent police killing, and a police officer who desires to do the right thing will collide.

North Branch (2017) 

Director: Nick Nummerdor & Andrew Morgan

Runtime: 18 min

Throughout the 1970s, brothers Jerry and Jeff Kellogg of Muskegon, Michigan were a force to be reckoned with in the sport of marathon canoe racing. Growing up along the north branch of the Au Sable River as second generation paddlers, the brothers won their first local race as teens and never looked back. The brothers took home consecutive wins in the 120 mile Au Sable Canoe Marathon, all while battling 15 hours of steady paddling through the night. Their contribution to the sport of canoe racing set new standards for racers to come with over a decade worth of top 5 finishes.

And Mirrors (2017)

Director: Nick Stumphauzer

Runtime: 16 min

When E.S. Andrews hits rock bottom, he must use his skills as a magician to steal thousands of dollars from an underground poker group to provide care to his comatose mother.

The Tuman Effect: Man on a Mission (2017)

Director: Alexandra Tekip

Runtime: 26 min

This is a time of hopelessness for many people. Bullying and anger are causing many to simply give up because they believe they have no power to change our world.

Meet Jim Tuman, hear his words and find your own call to action by his inspiration. Named Michiganian of the Year by the Detroit News in 2000, Tuman has spoken to more than two million people around the world, including students at 700-plus schools, many here in Michigan.

At the age of 76, his message of caring continues to touch and motivate people of all ages. “The Tuman Effect” details one man's commitment to inspire others to have hope and believe that they can make a difference in this world.

Left to Right: The Last Stand of a Canadian Pop Star (2017)

Runtime: 8 min

On a stormy evening, a writer plans to work on his memoirs. The power goes out and is house is invaded by Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, who is running from the cops.

Ninety-Six Days (2017)

Director: Katie Loesel

Runtime: 8 min

It is in partnership with the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.

Katie Loesel documents her semester abroad in the United Kingdom, featuring five seconds from every day that she was there.